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Reasons why buying your own property is better than renting!

29 Jan 2020

Larger amount of younger adults is buying property rather than renting, buying property is better investment for your future.

Buying your own home is not just securing your future but better than paying off someone else's property.

The sooner you buy the better you can start generating savings. Paying extra on your home loan each month will not only protect you against any future rate increases but shorten the overall repayment period, and save you many thousands of rands in interest.

When owning your own home its much easier to generate extra income. Renting out your spare bedroom, granny-flat or wendy house

Your property will provide you with more personal growth in longer-term.

When owning your own property you can renovate, change, upgrade as you please. Making your property increase in its value.

Giving you peace of mind. When you retire your home is hopefully paid off so you are secured with your property. When selling you have sufficient funds to buy a property more affordable or smaller.

The sooner you buy the easier it will be to finance your property. Especially homes that will increase in price.