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Looking for a new DIY trend for spring?

4 Sep 2019

With the flowers blooming its a great idea to make your home Spring Fresh!

1. Bring in some trees

Not only does trees provide us with oxygen and carbon dioxide it also light up your living room and it is also a natural air purifier. Bamboo is a great complement to decor you may already have.

3. Bring on the herbs and plants

Parsley, coriander and mint are great examples. They are not only just water wise plants but they can grow outside and inside.
These herbs are more kitchen plants as it is also close to water.

4. Re-decorate - Re-use

Make use of that old patio set that is there collecting dust in the garage and make it the best patio set for entertaining.
Old wooden tables look fabulous with a new coat of varnish!
With hot summer days approaching - Patio will work excellent.

5. Bring in that new colors!

With pastels you cant go wrong - Look at some spring ideas on Pintrest to keep you inspired. Keep in mind your current decor, so that the colors blend in. Giving your wall a new coat can give the property a new "look"

Spring is a joyful time - Give your home the look of spring it deserves.
PS. Don't go buying new items - Rather spruce up your old items.