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Get your home security system ready for winter

18 May 2018

The change of the season is a perfect chance to take a look at your home security system so that you can welcome winter with peace of mind.

"Winter brings with it a change in the weather, which poses a whole new set of challenges for any security system,” says Verena Hulme, district manager (Cape Town North) for Fidelity ADT.
“Is the system ready to deal with wet weather or any potential power cuts for example? When last did you replace the system’s battery pack, and is it charging properly?”
Hulme says ensuring that the home security system works properly is an important part of home maintenance.
She says the alarm system and other hardware, such as panic buttons and infra-red detectors, must be tested regularly.
“This test is of the utmost importance. If the system is not functioning properly it may mean the alarm activation signal may not reach the security company who will not know that there is an emergency and that assistance is needed. It can be done together with the security service provider. If anything out of the ordinary is noted, a technician can be dispatched to address the problem,” says Hulme.
Over time, home security needs can change. Hulme says now is also a good time for residents to re-assess their overall security needs.
“This can be done during a walk around the property. Questions to ask include ‘Is there a need for additional or motion-sensing lights? How easily can intruders access the property, and should outdoor beams be considered? Again, a security service provider can offer advice if there is any uncertainty on how to identify security needs,” says Hulme.
She adds that it is also critical that the security service provider has the most up-to-date key-holder contact details.
“Residents must ensure that their security provider has the current contact details of their primary and secondary key holders. In this way, they can be immediately contacted in the event of an incident or alarm activation,” she adds.
“It is important that we all remain proactive in the fight against crime. The police and security companies cannot be everywhere all the time. The public is our eyes and ears and we depend on them to speak up and share any crime related information.
“Residents need to stand together in the fight against crime and support their local neighbourhood watch and other community safety projects.”