Happy Easter from Team NS Property Solutions!

31 Mar 2018

Happy Easter from all of us at Northern Suburbs Property Solutions
Hi everyone!!

March has been an eventful month; all our agents have done great and are constantly working hard to make our clients happy. We pride ourselves on what we do and the industry that we’re specialized in. We strive to maintain lasting relationships with our communities and clients and we thrive on keeping our clients happy. At Northern Suburbs Property Solutions we are more than happy to help you sell or buy property.

During March, we celebrated Human Rights Day and moving forward as a nation united and positive about a good future. In the Northern Suburbs, there are simply so many things to do with the family whether celebrating historical moments like Human Rights Day or simply enjoying a day out in your leisure time.

No matter what you do or where you are, it’s important to remember to practice safety and as a community in the Northern Suburbs, we’re fortunate to enjoy beautiful real estates, good schools, shopping malls and reputable medical care facilities.

Staying safe on the roads this Easter!!

With the Easter holidays on hand many folks are gearing up to spend time with families and friends and we would like to pause and take special note of staying safe on the roads. Here are some safety tips to practice during this busy time and even throughout the year:

· Always plan your journey ahead of time so you know which routes you’ll take

· Remember to buckle up and ensure that your passengers do so too

· Ensure that the vehicle you use is roadworthy and that you’ve performed a K53 pre-trip inspection

· Try to avoid driving late in the evenings

· Be well rested before heading off on your journey, to avoid fatigue and the risk of higher chances of an accident

· If the journey is long, then take breaks in-between to freshen up and exercise before you carry on driving

· If you’re planning on having some alcohol, refrain from driving, and designate someone else as the driver instead

· Never overload the vehicle and always ensure that you have a valid driver’s license

· Always practice defensive driving and stay alert and focused while you’re on the road

· Avoid any additional distractions while driving such as using your mobile phone

· When travelling with children, make sure that they are secure in the child-safety car seat

Furthermore, if you’re looking to purchase a new home, office or smallholding, at Northern Suburbs Property Solutions we have something suited to you! Our wide selection of beautiful listings is available throughout the Northern Suburbs in commercial and private property.