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6 Simple Ways to Prepare Your Home for Winter

20 Mar 2018

With autumn looming in, it’s the perfect time to make changes around the home in preparation for the chilly, cold season. Winters in the Western Cape is cold and wet, unlike in other provinces where rain is experienced in summer. So how do you prepare your home for winter months?

In this post we want to share some easy ways to prepare your home for winter:
1- Start off with your checklist
You should begin with creating your very own homeowners winter checklist. In the list, you’ll address issues that need improvement in order to adapt for winter. These may include checking your geyser, doing an inspection of your roof and checking your chimney to name a few. Your list will be tailored to the items suited to your house.
2- Gutter check
It’s important to check the condition of your gutters around your home to ensure that when the winter season starts in the Northern Suburbs, Western Cape, your gutters can handle the rainfall and overflow of water. Make sure the gutters are clean and free from debris to ensure free-flow of water. To prevent sleet one should ensure that the roof is kept at a cool temperature as the sleet (rain with some ice) melts there won’t be too much overspill to overwhelm the gutters. Gutter guards can be installed to reduce the number of debris buildup.
3- Eco-friendly insulation
Ensuring that your home uses eco-friendly methods of insulation will help create the perfect “balance” in temperature. What’s more is that when you have the correct insulation, you can enjoy cool summers and warm winters throughout your home.
In the long run, this will also help you reduce having to make use of heaters and thus cutting your electricity bill considerably. Choosing the correct eco-friendly insulation will depend on the size of your home as well as its structure.
4- Geyser inspection
It’s important that you have your geyser checked to see that it is still in good working condition and well maintained for the winter season. You could also make use of a geyser blanket or insulating solution to help your geyser retain heat and reduce the electricity cost during this cold season.
5- Chimney maintenance
A chimney is a great feature to a home, but also a severe danger hazard if not maintained on a regular basis. Chimneys should be cleaned and maintained to prevent potential fires or potential carbon monoxide poisoning. Fix any structural damage to the chimney as well as taking extra precaution by extending the lifespan of the flue liner of the chimney.
6- Walls, floors and all around
Have an inspection of the entire property to take care of anything like leaks, cracks and other issues that may be apparent to the walls, roof, drains, overflow gutters, windows and doors. Issues such as water leakage can cause massive expenses to repair the extent of the damage over a long or even short-term.
Life in the Northern Suburbs, Western Cape does not have to be expensive when you can find great ways to save on additional costs and easily get your home ready for winter.