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18 Oct 2017

Here’s where to spend your time…

1. Hardware and finish

This might seem like an insignificant detail but spending a little bit more time on choosing hardware and cabinet finishes can really up your kitchen’s value.

When it comes to picking out hardware, go for quality and functionality. Knobs and pulls should be comfortable, stylish and easy to grip.

Invest in the best material possible and ask what kind of warranty they carry.

If you’re going for a no handles look, you might want to consider cabinetry with a recessed lip or drawers with push to open mechanisms.

2. Island light selection

The options for pendant lights are growing everyday but don’t be tempted to make a quick decision.

The right choice of lighting can make your whole island design come together beautifully.

Think of your pendant lighting as the crown jewels of your kitchen. You also want to take some time thinking about what kind of functionality you’d like. This will largely depend on the kind of lighting you already have in the kitchen.

You can choose from task, ambient, accent and decorative lighting with different finishes to complement your space.

3. Grout colour

Grout colour is often overlooked, but choosing the perfect shade can help create different effects. And the right hue can help turn an otherwise plain wall or floor into a standout feature.

If you’re installing white tiles on a backsplash, use a dark grout to help the tiles pop. This will make the backsplash the focal point of your kitchen.

Working with shaped tiles? Choose a grout colour that stands in stark contrast with your tile colour, and use it to bring out the shape of the tile.

You can also use grout to introduce colour to an all-white room. For instance, you can use green or yellow grout in between the white tiles to create a custom wall.

4. Accessories

It’s easy to overlook the little things, but you should make it a point to linger on accessories as they finish off the look you’re trying to achieve.

If your kitchen floors and walls are all the same shade, consider bringing in some reflective surfaces to break up the monotony and blurred boundary lines. Adding a mirrored backsplash for example can lift the shadows, open your space and add some shine.

Splurge-worthy kitchen accessories could also include a vintage rug, photographic prints, artwork and sculptures, and ambient lighting such as under counter strip lights. – Katlego Sekano