Three big tips for showing small homes

11 Mar 2011

Although most homebuyers these days can’t afford as much house as their parents and grandparents could, and although most of them don’t actually want the hassle of maintaining a large home and garden, they still want “space”.

“Translated, this means that they don’t want their home to look small and pokey on the inside, and they won’t buy one that feels that way when they view it,” says Berry Everitt, MD of the Chas Everitt International property group.

“This means that those selling small homes have to take special care when preparing for show days to make their homes seem spacious and airy.”

And writing in the Property Signposts newsletter, he says the three best ways to do this are to:

* Get rid of clutter and superfluous furniture. “We suggest that you keep the kitchen counters clear, tidy your bathrooms, put away most of your ornaments and photos and remove at least one item of furniture from every room.”

* Let in the light. “This is a general rule for any home that will be put under the microscope by potential buyers, but is even more applicable for small homes. Open all blinds and curtains, and turn on lights if your agent will be showing the home that day. Blinds and curtains the same colour as the wall will make a room seem bigger, and so will a ceiling that is a lighter colour than the walls.”

* Accentuate your outdoor space or garden. “If you have a decent patio area, present this space as an extension of the limited living space. Display a nice table with a patio covering or umbrella, and spruce up the surrounding landscape with some plant containers filled with colourful annuals.”