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Be precise and speed up your property hunt

11 Mar 2011

Be precise and speed up your property hunt
Buyers who are fortunate enough to find a home that meets their needs early on in their search should consider themselves lucky and have no hesitation in making an offer.

So says Harcourts CEO Richard Gray, who notes: “Sometimes people make the mistake of not buying a home that is right for them because they have only viewed a few properties and they are worried that they might miss out on a better property or a similar one at a better price.

“The truth is, though, that there is no set period in which prospective buyers should expect to find the ‘right’ property – and no set number of homes they should view before deciding to buy. Some will be lucky and find exactly what they want in a week or two, while others can take months.”

However, he says, while hunting for a new home is generally exciting and fun at first, it can easily begin to pall as time goes by and you start to wonder if you will ever find your ideal property.

“So it is important to start your hunt with a clear idea of what you want, in terms of space and price as well as the type of neighbourhood. And it pays to be as specific as possible. Apart from listing how many bedrooms and bathrooms are required, for example, you should consider whether you want a modern home or an older one, a large garden or just a patio, a trendy neighbourhood or a quieter suburb with good schools and so on.”

Once you have done all this thinking, you can quickly begin to narrow down your search by using the Internet, scanning the property papers for suitable homes and contacting agents who specialise in certain areas or certain types of property.

“It is important to remember that not all homes for sale are listed on websites or advertised in the newspapers, and that agents are often aware of other properties that might be a ‘perfect fit’ – especially if you can provide a very detailed list of your requirements.

“Also, an experienced agent will always be willing to help disperse any lingering worries you might have about a home being worth its asking price, by preparing a comparative market analysis showing current selling prices in the area for similar types of property.”